Title 5

Чакащи поръчки и Списък за наблюдение за <ДАТА>;


  1. Тренд<тренд>
  2. Зона<тойности на зоната>
  3. Сигнал<екшън прайс сигнал - пин бар, фейки или каквото друго добавим>
Параметри на сделката:
  • Вход: <стойност на входа>
  • SL: <стойност на стоп лос>
  • TP: <стойност на таргет>
  • Риск : Възнаграждение = <стойност на R:R>



Забележка 1: Ако изпуснете вход на дадена сделка, може да прочетете тук за алтернативен начин да се влезеКак се търгуват моите прогнози?
Забележка 2: От изключително значение е да търгувате с брокер, който предлага истинска графика тип ‘New York Close Charts‘, (истинска 5-дневна графика, която съвпада с New Zealand Open и New York Close). Можете да свалите демо или да се регистрирате, за да тествате от ТУК
Забележка 3: Моите прогнози и анализи не са съвет или препоръка за търговия или инвестиране, а само образователна и обща информация. Не купувайте и продавайте на сляпо пазарите/продуктите, обсъждани в този бюлетин, направете свои собствени проучвания и осъзнавайте рисковете и възнагражденията.
Забележка 4: Всички графики са на ДНЕВНА времева рамка, освен, ако изрично не съм посочил, че е друго.

Convert excel file to multiple csv files


I need a tool to create from Excel file multiple CSV files. My first thought is to have it done through Macro (VBA). I am trying to describe the structure dynamically, so the macro could be reused for similar projects, but if this will bring up the costs, I will have to go for the “quick and dirty” solution.
So the goal of the project is defined, “how to” deliver is still open, we can discuss.

I am looking for someone who can deliver rather quickly – lets say 1-2 weeks max (for production version).

Everything is described in the attached Word file. In the file, there are 3 inserted XLS files (objects) – please make sure to review them as well.

Thank you


Jupiter export to CSV

Excel VBA expert needed


This is a very simple project.
I need this done quickly after being hired.

Ignore the $999 budget and bid what you believe is fair.

Open the attached workbook.

This is a simple Excel-based CRM.
New leads are loaded in the “new” tab.
The current database of leads is in the “main” tab.

The user will place new leads in the “new” tab and we need a script/macro that will move the new leads from the “new” tab into the “main” tab.
However, we do NOT want duplicates added.

Your script will clean up all the URLs (column A) from the “new” tab and remove the “www.” so we are left with the rest of the domain name (e.g.:  “” will be converted to “”).
Next your script will compare the URLs against the company names (column A) in the “main” tab.
If there are duplicates these rows will be ignored.
The remainder URLs will be appended to the “main” tab

In the workbook, the “new” tab has two duplicate records ( and
Thus the remaining records in the “new” tab (the URL and the phone number) are appended to the “main” tab.
After the append is done, the “new” tab is cleared out (from row 2 and down).


crm-19-12-15 (2)

Excel macros workbook


This project needs to be done today.
You will need to be ready to start work upon being hired on 1/12/2020 @ 8am PST (California time).
Please ignore the budget of $999 and bid what you believe is fair.

Excel VBA expert needed to add calculations script/macros to the attached file.
This is a pricing tool.

The user inputs data into the green column headers of the first tab (“input” tab).
The user is interested in 4 items (marked with an “x” in “Check” column A.
Of these 4 items, the user knows the quantity he needs for 3 of them (cells B2, B5, B6)
The user had ordered 1 of the 4 items before at the price and quantity specified (cells I5 and I6).

The user inputs quantity discounts in the “discounts” tab.
There are only four rows here, but the user can add as may as he wants with different quantity ranges.

The “output” tab takes the 4 items the user wants and attempts to calculate pricing based on the quantity requested.

When your script is run it will take the 4 items requested in the “input” tab and create a table in the “output” tab.
It will then attempt to calculate the quantity pricing for the items that had not been purchased in the past (rows 2, 3, and 5 of the “Output” tab). Look inside the calculations to see how the quantity pricing was calculated (F2:I2, F3:I3, F5:I5).
The “Total” (column J of “output” tab) is calculated based on the quantity desired.
Next, your script will calculate the quantity pricing for items that had been ordered in the past (row 4).
Look at rows F4:I4 of the “output” tab to see how it was calculated. Please note, these cell formulas refer to the “discount” tab’s text that is grayed out. The reason it is grayed out is that, the actual workbook will not show any of this gray text. I am only showing it to show you how it was calculated.
After all the rows are calculated in the “Output” tab, the “Total” (row 6) of the “Output” tab is calculated.
Finally, the columns K and L of the “input” tab are populated from the resulting data from the “Output” tab. Feel free to look inside the formulas to see where it comes from.

So, in summary, your script will use the data from the “Input” and the “Discount” tabs to generate the table from scratch in the “Output” tab. Once the “Output” tab is populated, the “Input” tab’s columns K and L will be populated referencing the data in the “Output” tab.


price generator 3

Forex Software


Forex Software that can automatically copy trades from my telegram channel


Creating an MT4 platform Expert Advisor (EA) Strastegy with management system.

looking to develop an EA on MT4
I need Entries and Exists,
Stop loss and take profit, Draw Down…
Money management System two (Alembex management system and Martingale management system option.
Drawings on chart and Notification Email and pop up.
Details of EA in the attachment
Please disregard the price mentioned below,
A fixed prices for this project will be agreed on with the programmer who will be providing a competitive quotation.


EA Details

Alembex System Q&A


I need to build a complicated EA or indicator “SIGNAL ALERT” for STOCKS OPTIONS TRADING (not forex, not binary, not MT4). I use ThinkorSwim, but we would need some MARKET DATA API service. Searching on the web I found this explanatory video on how to scan for Unusual Volume using Market Chameleon.

Then I learned on SWEEP OPTIONS and the tell, “Aggressiveness” when the buyer is willing to pay near or at the ask price. I found that Bezinga Pro has a great tool for this.
After watching this Unusual Options Scanner, I need something similar to  this: but it seems it provides last trading day activities, not live.

We would need to optimize or automate my Options trade preference, So I would like an ALERT SIGNAL with the following criteria:
• Order Type
• Expiration
• Bid, near Ask, or Ask Price
• IN % Rank
• IV30
• Volume Level
• Volume vs. Open Interest
• Relative Opt. Volume
• 1 Day Volatility

Check this API services:




Mt4 EA needed to open and close trades by day of week and time, not price.

Would like to have an MT4 EA that can open and close trades on the basis of time and day of the week.

For instance, “open long Monday 01:30  close Wednesday 13:00, open short, Wednesday 13:00, close trade Friday 09:00″… I would be able to input how many lots… I found this bit of code that might work:

enum daysOfWeek {Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday};
extern daysOfWeek dayOfWeek1=Monday;   extern string timeSlot1=”00:00-00:00″;
extern daysOfWeek dayOfWeek2=Tuesday;  extern string timeSlot2=”00:00-00:00″;
extern daysOfWeek dayOfWeek3=Wednesday;extern string timeSlot3=”00:00-00:00″;
extern daysOfWeek dayOfWeek4=Thursday; extern string timeSlot4=”00:00-00:00″;
extern daysOfWeek dayOfWeek5=Friday;   extern string timeSlot5=”00:00-00:00”;

int OnInit(){
dayOfWeek1 +=1;dayOfWeek2 +=1;dayOfWeek3 +=1;dayOfWeek4 +=1;dayOfWeek5

if ((!isSlotOK(1,timeSlot1)) || (!isSlotOK(2,timeSlot2)) || (!isSlotOK(3,timeSlot3)) || (!isSlotOK(4,timeSlot4)) || (!isSlotOK(5,timeSlot5)) ||



Can you help?  My hope is that this would be a small job.

Single excel sheet->break it up into different tabs based on what in a single column.

Source: 1 single xlsx file with one sheet(see below TESTDATA.xlsx).
Part 1-I want to have your program be able to have a browse file so I can import the sheet into your program
Part 2-Scan a single column(TypeCode) and make a tab for each TypeCode(about 7-10).  Then copy source data(TESTDATA.xlsx) from the main sheet into those new tabs.
Part 3-Create a tab at the end called Statistics.(See FiNALSampleOutput.xlsx)  On this sheet, I need each of the Part Numbers.(you will need to remove duplicate part numbers(see FAB Tab-source 5 duplicate, remove down to 1)
Then sum the number of the part numbers and put count under Part numbers. (see attached FINALSampleOutput-Tab Statistics)